SIM&NAT 1 Female to 2 Male 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC Power Supply Splitter Cord, Y Splitter Adapter Wire, Y-Cable for Security CCTV Parking Camera, LED Strip Light, Pack of 2

Product Description
Garnished You're Being Watched Warning Yard Sign Style Yellow with Grommets, Feature of descriptions You're Being Watched Yard Sign Size 8"x12" with Grommets Security Surveillance (Printed one 1-side), This sign was silk screened printed, Comes with 2 Grommets in the top corners, Printed on Yellow Plastic Coroplast using black and red Corogloss Paint (Sign-Will Not Fade).

Price: $24.80
  • Garnished You're Being Watched Warning Yard Sign Style Yellow with Grommets
  • Size 8" x 12" / Video Surveillance Security using Black and Red Painted
  • Printed on Yellow Plastic Coroplast (Sign-Will Not Fade)
  • Packaging Include 1 Set of You're Being Watched Sign (Printed on 1-Side)
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - 100% Brand New, High Quality and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Product Description
Description: Features:

Applicable scope: LED light strip, security, monitoring equipment, monitoring camera, router, switch, broadband cats and so on equipment connector It provides a simple solution for power connectivity


Material (External): PVC Plastic.
Connector inner diameter is 2.1mm, Connector out diameter is 5.5mm
Color: Black
Connector Type: 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC Jack
Length: 15inch/ 37cm
Weight: 0.7oz/ 20g

Package Content:

2x DC Power 1 to 2 Y Splitter Adapter Wire

Price: $6.59
  • This DC 1 to 2 Power Splitter is convenient and cost effective way to power up 2 CCTV cameras/ led strips with 1 power adapter
  • Avoid Soldering with easy-plug 5.5x2.1mm DC Jack connector.
  • Compatible with 12V DC Components for camera power connecting supply and led strip light single color 3528 5050, Bars, and other low voltage accessories.
  • Length: 15 inch/ 37 cm
  • Package Content: 2 x DC 1 Female to 2 Male Power Splitter Cable
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