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All You Need to Know About Our Cancer Rescue Plan

Believe it or not, the link between diet and cancer is strong. The Hallelujah Diet addresses this as it’s an entirely plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and other cancer-fighting whole foods. If you have cancer, the Hallelujah Diet and its supplements help you fight this deadly chronic disease. Why the Hallelujah Diet Works: The Link Between Diet and Cancer The Hallelujah Diet helps your body fight or prevent cancer in numerous ways, such as it: Helps prevent nutritional deficiencies Increases toxin elimination Supports your body’s natural disease-fighting abilities Is free from cancer-causing foods, such as preservatives, alcohol,

The Surprising Health Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

In today’s modern age, grocery store shopping has become a convenient norm that’s getting more convenient with each passing year. The advent of personal grocery shoppers and delivery services has made it even easier to “trust” that grocery stores sell quality food. Unfortunately, there’s a hidden cost for these conveniences that’s way too easy to overlook. If you’ve ever considered growing your own food, you may be surprised at the number of health benefits that come with having your very own backyard garden. Likewise, if you’re considering switching to a plant-based diet, the Hallelujah Diet fits in nicely with

Tahini Miso Covered Cauliflower Steaks

Add these Tahini Miso Covered Cauliflower Steaks to your menu! You can enjoy this recipe as an entree with a side of protein, greens, and maybe some grains/carbohydrates or as a side dish — regardless of how you enjoy it, the star of the show is really the tahini miso sauce. What Is Miso? Let’s talk about this fermented kinda funky umami paste made from soybeans and mold called koji (Aspergillus oryzae from soybeans, barley, or rice) — sounds good right? Miso is traditionally used in Japanese cooking and used for its health benefits and delicious umami taste. But

Use This Mindful Eating Exercise to Bring Awareness to Your Eating Patterns

Use this mindful eating exercise to compassionately explore your current eating habits and what is and is not working for you. Do you ever feel like nourishing yourself well still doesn’t come fully naturally and consistently for you? Maybe you notice you’re always hungry or have strong cravings. Or maybe you know you can’t stop snacking in the afternoon. Or that you feel tired and sluggish all day. But, what you can’t seem to figure out is how to pinpoint exactly what’s causing truly causing these feelings and behaviors. When you’re don’t have the clarity on exactly what’s causing your block

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