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Why Mindful Eating Is The Key To Overcome Stress Eating

Whether you’re in a particularly stressful period of your life or you’re experiencing chronic, daily stress, it’s common to turn to stress eating (or in some cases undereating when stressed) for comfort. That’s completely okay and normal to do! We are human and we’ve all experienced that before. We consume food for many reasons, not just for physical nourishment but because of cultural experience, tradition, social bonding, pleasure, and distractionn, stress/emotions. Every once in a while, eating for comfort may be exactly what you need, and that’s okay. It becomes more troublesome when it’s something that you’re experiencing on a

9 Cooking Tips for Preparing Plant-Based Meals

Whether you’re just getting started with eating more plant-based foods or you’ve been practicing it for years, there are a few nuances to plant-based cooking, so these simple cooking tips can help make your meals tastier and easier to prepare. Since so much of our nutrition philosophy is around eating more plant-based, whole foods, and we’ve learned a few hacks that you can use to navigate plant-based cooking to make sure each meal is equally delicious and nutritious! Learn 9 simple cooking tips for preparing plant-based meals that will help you make your meals really tasty, nutritious, and easy for

Great Benefits of Drinking Herbal Coffee

Coffee is one of the hardest things to get people to give up when trying out a healthy diet. It’s not something we recommend on the Hallelujah diet. Coffee is very stimulating, and some of the additives used for processing it are just not healthy, especially the flavors and preservatives. This is why coffee substitutes are so sought-after. Many commercially available herbal coffees taste awesome and are healthy for you. We have a great one here on our website that’s both healthy and nutritious. You have to realize that herbal coffees are not coffee. They will not taste exactly

Vegan Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

When the craving for a big bowl of mac and cheese hits, it hits hard. But if you’ve got food allergies or dietary restrictions, fulfilling that craving takes a little creativity. Thankfully we’ve done the leg work for you with this ridiculously creamy, veggie-packed, vegan cauliflower mac and cheese recipe that’s dairy-free AND grain-free. Trust us, it totally hits the spot either on its own (thanks to that salty-herby ‘bread crumb’ topping’) or as a side dish. We loved this recipe! Cheesy without the cheese This one is for all of our veggie-loving friends out there. Not just

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