Salon Hair Color Tube Storage Rack

Product Description
A must for all Salons, comfortably store an abundance of color tubes with this stylish rack. Easy & amp; clean for perfect color maintenance while styling!

Price: $67.00
  • Comfortably holds 72-96 full boxes and 24 opened hair color tubes
  • Rows are 2" diameter across
  • 6-8 Boxes Of Unopened Color Tube Boxes Per Row
  • Divider For Open Tube Storage
  • Lay 12 Open Color Tubes And Hang Another 12 Open Tubes

Product Description
Tools Free Garment Rack DIY Coat Hanger Clothes Wardrobe 4 Pole 6 Bars Shelf Furniture Brand new patented ceiling to floor storage, Innovative design using strong and well made materials, Easy to assemble and easy to move by hand, No screws or tools needed, Just do it yourself, Fit any room or closet without scratches, Extremely versatile and space conductive, Creates easy access storage for your belongings, No damage to your Walls & Ceilings, Design your own wardrobe and enjoy the DIY process, FREE reach hook as a gift, Outstanding features: Strong big size pipe, real heavy duty design Strong inside spring, not a top small spring, inside strong spring means stable durable Adjustable and flexible in width and heights Crossbar position adjustable, save your space Product Details: Include: 4 poles, 6 cross bars Heights: 160 - 320cm (63 -126 inch) adjustable Width: 210 - 330cm (83 - 130 inch) adjustable Loading: 360kg (60kg per bar) Material: Steel pipes, ABS Product Weight: 12kgs Installation Tips: When assemble the vertical pole, make sure the adjustable pipe is on the top, and the smaller end towards the ceiling When put on the horizontal bars, be aware each bars has a pair of holders/brackets, one is bigger for big end of bar, the other is for the smaller end. Please contact seller if you have any issue with installation or your setup seems not right, we will response in 12 hours.

Price: $124.95
  • * Innovative design using strong and well made materials!!!
  • * Easy to assemble and easy to move by hand!!!
  • * Fit any room or closet without scratches!!!
  • * Extremely versatile and space conductive!!!
  • * Creates easy access storage for your belongings!!!
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