Remay Glide and Shave – Shave Gel Bar Twin Pack

Product Description

A revolutionary shave gel that warms with the temperature of water and lifts your hairs for an ultra comfortable and close shave.

Simply remove the lid, wet the gel and glide the bar over your skin. Then, use any razor to shave. Rinse or pat dry for added moisture.

  • No need to apply an after moisturizer.
  • Developed to work for both men and women from head to toe.

Don't use shave cream, shave gel bars are designed to leave your skin feeling ultra soft and moisturized by protecting your skin with a gentle, clear lubricating micro barrier that works with any razor.

Make shaving a breeze, simply swirl the gel onto your skin for a wonderfully smooth shave. Save money by making your razors glide like new for longer. Preserved naturally with tea-tree oil. Moisturizes with Coconut oil – TSA Travel safe and shower safe - Paraben free and Sulfate free.

Unlike shave soap or body wash, shave gel bars are 90 percent soap free. Soaps are designed to remove oils from the skin, whereas REMAY shave gel bars help add natural plant oils back onto the skin. It's no wonder they are so moisturizing.

Men especially enjoy shave gel bars because the clear gel allows them to see where they are shaving (around sideburns, facial sculpting). Quick Tip: Rub your gel bar on a shower mirror to prevent fogging.

Every aspect of the product was carefully designed in order to provide the best user experience. For example, the applicator is well balanced and designed to stand in multiple positions for easy storage by the sink or in the shower. The removable water proof plastic lid protects the gel when not in use, and the gel is designed to repel water so that it does not become gooey under normal use.

Price: $53.99
  • Ultra sensitive shave gel for Legs - Underarms - Bikini zone - Head and Face. for Legs - Underarms - Bikini zone - Head and Face
  • All you need is REMAY and a razor to quickly shave in-or-out of the shower with no mess. Shower safe
  • 3-in-1 shave gel + Coconut oil moisturizer & tea tree oil cleanser. Made in North America. TSA safe
  • Lasts for many shaves - Each gel bar lasts for 30 or more shaves. Creates a soap free micro barrier
  • Prevents nicks, bumps and razor burn - Save money over buying those expensive razor refills
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