Verdosome Cannabis-friendly DNA Testing – Verdosome’s genetic testing provides deep insights to help you better understand your body, your response to cannabinoids and chart your own path to wellness.

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With all the recreational and medical cannabis products, strains, and providers in the market today, it can be hard to figure out which, if any, are right for you. Verdosome’s marijuana DNA testing can help you cut through the clutter as you search for natural remedies for anxiety, pain, sleep, and other wellness concerns. When you test your DNA with Verdosome, you’ll gain insight into a range of physiological factors that may help you make a more informed decision about your cannabinoid use. Learn how your unique genetic makeup may influence the way cannabis affects you. Our testing can provide information you can use to determine which marijuana strains or THC and CBD products may be right for your mind, body, and lifestyle. Discover what THC:CBD ratios and which terpenes hold the most promise for you. Understand how well your body metabolizes cannabis. Find out how cannabis is likely to affect your mood, relieve pain, or contribute to your overall wellness. Achieve a more satisfying life balance through a deeper understanding of your DNA and the role cannabinoids can play in your well-being and lifestyle. We own our laboratory and never outsource, something unusual in the world of genetic analysis. Our testing program is truly anonymous to ensure your complete privacy. We never sell individual information to third parties and we never disclose any testing data to outside entities. Your kit includes a nondescript return envelope for your privacy, so you can mail us your sample with confidence.

Personalized, anonymous cheek swab DNA test
Easily collect your sample at home and return anonymously with complete discretion and privacy
Your sample tested securely in our own lab using state-of-the-art equipment
Analysis based on the most current understanding of the role that cannabis products may play in your overall well-being
Get a report designed to guide you as you develop a personalized health program built around your unique needs and goals

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