Mineral Mor Psoriasis Treatment Dead Sea T.m.s.t. Healing Method Best in the World Hundreds of Success Stories

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Nutrition with T.M.S.T. Logic says we need food to live and survive. Nevertheless, the question is whether the food we consume nowadays is appropriate? Does it really nurture and enrich our body with the necessary nutrients, or does it harm us and impose health hazards? Nowadays, we consume much more industrialized food, chemically processed in order to have longer shelf live and avoid decay, food with industrialized fats that allow preservation, food lacking any nutritious value. These harmful foods usually carry strong, dominant addictive taste. It is very much recommended to be aware of the components in the foods we consume, especially when coming to treat psoriasis. T.M.S.T. nutritional recommendations are accurate and precise, in order to allow the body systems to normally metabolize, digest, absorb and assimilate the food components, while neutralizing any inflammatory or allergenic factor that might interfere with the healing process. Rigorously sticking to the detailed diet given as part of the treatment, allows the body to recover quickly, for the short and the long term. Alongside advises for healthy lifestyle and proper wise nutrition, combined with topical treatment, T.M.S.T. assists in alleviating and calming down the pathological activity in the different body areas.

A completely natural healing method, with no side effects.
Cortisone, steroid and other chemical substances free.
Focused, deep, systemic heeling.
Long term and short term fast recovery.
Treats even the most acute cases.

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