Neoteck 2RCA Cable 24K Gold Plated 2RCA Male to 2RCA Male Stereo Audio Cable Composite Audio Right/Left 2 RCA Plug M/M Connector for A/V Reciever Amplifier Projector Home Theater and More-1M

Product Description

Quick tips:

1. Please plug the power cord into the amp THEN the wall, plug the audio cables into amp THEN switch on.

Some customers may see some slight sparks flying when they plug the power supply into the amplifier, because they use it in wrong way, you need to connect the amp to the power supply first, then plug the power supply into the 110v AC outlet, don't worry about the sparks, because this is class d amplifier, the capacitors need to charge when the power in, it's normal and safe.

2. The amp will off when you switch off, but it's normal that the power LED light stay on even switch off, the power LED light on means the power supply in.

3. What will cause noise?

Poor quality audio cables, Sound source, Speakers, Other interfering signals;Incompletely connections.

4. How to judge whether the noise from the amplifier?

Unplug the RCA cable, connect this amp to speakers, and then plug into the power supply, power on and volume on, hear whether noise exists on speakers, if noise existed, the noise may from speakers or amp, so you need to change speakers for further confirmation. If no noise the noise may from the audio source.

🍎With Bass and Treble Control version: B076P2VS9H .


1. Power supply range: 12v-32v;

2. THD: ≤ 0.04%;

3. Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20kHz (±1 dB);

4. SNR: ≥ 98dB;

5. Input sensitivity: ≤ 280mV;

6. Terminating impedance: 2Ohm - 8 Ohm;

7. Output power: 160W + 160W;

8. Input mode: Analog;

9. Power supply: 19V 4.74A 90W;

10. Supplied Accessories: Amplifier, Power supply, AC power cord, Manual.

Price: $75.99
  • Adopt Texas Instruments TDA7498E chip to get clear audio sound, No pop, no audible noise, dead silent when nothing is playing through it.
  • 160W X 2(4 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.04% THD), for outdoor/ bookshelf/ computer/ desktop /ceiling /floor standing speakers, can use iPod, Phone, MP3 players, TV, Echo Dot, CD players, or Streaming Media players as input.
  • 2.0CH audio integrated amplifier, aluminum enclosed, small size, good looks, simple functionality, and excellent sound quality;
  • Home small Hi-Fi amp, Exclusively designed for the customers who pursue HiFi sound;
  • You can return the item if you have any problems, 18-month warranty, feel free to contact us at;

Product Description
All Neoteck Product Comes with 18 Months US Base Warranty

2 RCA to RCA Cable is an Ideal tool to Connect Home Entertainment Devices and Audio Systems,Supporting for Surround Sound Dolby DTS Speaker Amplifier Digital Home theater HDTV Gaming Consoles HIFI Systems.

High Purity Oxygen Free Copper and double shileding for maximum signal quality
24K gold-plated connectors for smooth connections and to prevent corrosion
Works great with Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, HDTV, A/V receiver, any other audio equipment
Each connector head features embedded color-coded rubber rings to ensure a firm grip when installing or removing the cable

Size: 1M
Boxed-product Weight: 181g

Package Included:
1 x 2RCA Male to 2RCA Male Stereo Audio Cable

Price: $6.99
  • 【2 RCA to RCA Cable】2 RCA to RCA Cable is an Ideal Tool to Connect Home Entertainment Devices and Audio Systems,Supporting for Surround Sound Dolby DTS Speaker Amplifier Digital Home theater HDTV Gaming Consoles HIFI Systems
  • 【High Quality Well-Performed】It Comes with 24K Gold Plated Connector and High Purity Oxygen Free Copper,to Prevent Radio Frequency Interference and Electromagnetic Interference Effectively, Which Ensures Pure, Clear, Wonderful Voice Output
  • 【High-end Aluminum Connector Shell】Keeps the High-quality RCA Cable Stronger, always Sturdy and Durable
  • 【Color-Coded Rubber Rings】Rubber Materials Ensure a Firm Grip When Installing or Removing the Cable, White Connector to White Audio Interface, Red Connector to Red Audio Interface, Not Easy to Confuse, Better touch Experience
  • 【Strong Compatibility】It Supports All Devices with RCA Audio Connection, Such as XBOX 360, Ps3, Wii, HDTV, A/ V Receiver Audio Equipment or any Device with L / R Jack
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