Dietary Supplements 101

Dietary supplements are not meant to replace a healthy diet. They are intended to support your body with minerals, vitamins, and pre-workout supplements.


The vitamin and supplement industry spends billions of dollars annually trying to convince you to part with your hard-earned cash. This leaves you with a bevy of questionable quality products to sift through. So, what should you do? Below you will find the best vitamin supplements to buy. Choosing the right ones is the key to your sexual health. Fortunately, you can find out exactly which supplements to take and which ones to avoid. Once you’ve chosen the best ones, you’re ready to start your health regimen. You will also learn how to hydrate properly to keep you on track.

A top-notch vitamin and supplement regimen will boost your overall health and well-being. Take it from someone who’s done it. Remember to take your vitamins regardless of how you choose to go about it. If you do, you’ll reap the benefits of life. And if you don’t, your life could be much more stressful.


Vitamins and minerals may be found in your food pyramid, but supplements are also a good source of your daily intake. This is not to say that your body can’t naturally produce these essential micro-nutrients. But to get the best value for your hard-earned dollar, you should know the dietary and lifestyle choices that give you the most bang.

Choosing a vitamin or mineral supplement doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the help of a multivitamin or mineral supplement, you can easily ensure that your daily nutritional requirements are met. The following list of vitamins and minerals can help you make an informed decision.

For starters, you should look for a brand that is FDA-approved. You should also be aware that some of these products may interact with other medications you may be taking. These interactions should be discussed with your doctor. Also, some of these vitamins are found in food sources such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy.

A well-balanced diet will meet your daily mineral requirements. One way to do this is to add magnesium to your dinner. Not only is magnesium a key player in a healthy cardiovascular system and strong bones, it is also essential in energy production and muscle function. Getting your magnesium from foods such as nuts and whole grains will go a long way toward keeping your body running smoothly.

Likewise, you should check your vitamin D levels as they can impact your heart disease and cancer risk. Although you should be able to get plenty of vitamin D from natural sources such as sunlight, you might also want to consider a vitamin D supplement.

Pre-workout supplements

Whether you’re an avid gym goer or just looking to improve your performance, you may want to take a pre-workout supplement. These supplements can boost your energy levels and help you concentrate better during your workout. However, you should be aware of some ingredients used in pre-workout supplements.

Caffeine: Most pre-workout supplements contain caffeine, which can help you stay focused during your workout. It can also keep you energized. This is especially helpful if you’re performing an endurance exercise.

Beta-alanine: Many pre-workout supplements include beta-alanine. It’s an amino acid known to increase the speed at which your muscles recover from physical exertion. In addition to reducing muscle soreness, it can help buffer lactic acid buildup in your muscles.

L-Citrulline: This amino acid is also found in pre-workout supplements. Often sold as L-Citrulline malate, it has been shown to help your body produce more nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps blood vessels dilate and expand, allowing your muscles to get more oxygen.

Branched-chain amino acids: BCAAs are essential amino acids that are important for your metabolism and muscular health. A pre-workout supplement containing these essential amino acids can help you reduce muscle soreness, improve your running endurance, and increase your overall performance.

Creatine: A pre-workout supplement that includes creatine can help you develop muscle and boost your strength during your workouts. It’s also used to help your muscles generate ATP, the energy source for your muscle contractions.

Arginine: Arginine is an amino acid that can help improve your aerobic performance and lower blood pressure. It’s also used to stimulate the dilation of blood vessels, which can deliver more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles.

Dietary supplements are not a food

Dietary supplements are not foods. This means they don’t receive the same level of regulation, scrutiny, and oversight that foods do. However, they can be helpful in your quest to achieve optimal health.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go far to find them. You can buy them from your local grocery store or high-end nutrition shops. Over half of American adults are taking dietary supplements. Nonetheless, there are several drawbacks to this type of supplement. They may not contain the same level of flora or fauna as food and can be a risky business. Moreover, some dietary supplements can interact with prescription medications, resulting in the need for additional precautions.

The best way to approach dietary supplements is to consider them as supplements in their own right. To do so, you will need to determine their strengths and weaknesses. That way, you’ll know which to rely on for your health and fitness needs. Thankfully, many companies can help you make that decision.

For example, Stanley Brothers, a manufacturer of CBD oil extracts, has been in the dietary supplement business for several years. To distinguish itself from the competition, it launched the swagger sex, a line of branded, scientifically verified dietary supplements. While the products are marketed under the company’s brand, they are also sold under various names.

Nevertheless, you should know that the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, so be careful. Be sure to ask your pharmacist about any dietary supplement you are considering buying. Similarly, be sure to read the labels carefully. As a consumer, you should never put your money down on a product without checking the label to ensure it contains reputable ingredients.

Proprietary blends

A proprietary blend is a mixture of ingredients. This is usually a combination of fillers, additives, or bioactive ingredients. You will find these in fitness supplements, anti-aging products, weight loss products, and more.

If you are looking for a supplement, you should know that there are many proprietary blends in the market. It is essential that you do not fall prey to such deceptive tactics. There are also some risks associated with using a proprietary blend.

These can be harmful to your health. Proprietary blends in supplements may lead to gastrointestinal problems, cardiac arrhythmia, and increased blood pressure. They can even interfere with medications.

Many companies use proprietary blends to cut costs. They often do not disclose the true amount of each ingredient. Instead, they use fancy names to sell their product.

Proprietary blends also make it difficult to measure the effectiveness of a product. Because they do not list individual amounts, you can’t be sure you are taking the proper dosage.

Proprietary blends can lead to underdosing of expensive ingredients. However, the ingredients can still be effective. For example, Creatine has an effective dose of 3 to 5 grams daily.

The downside to proprietary blends is that companies can change the formula without being obligated to disclose the change. Moreover, proprietary blends are not subjected to clinical trials.

Some companies use proprietary blends to pump the mix with less expensive ingredients. This can be beneficial to the company, but it can also lead to overdosing on vitamins.

When buying a supplement, you must understand the ingredients. You don’t want to waste your money on a product that does not work. Make sure you research the ingredients before you buy a proprietary blend.

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