Immune Bio Green Cell Protocol for Conditions of High Complexity (Cat. 4). 20 Bottles. 240ml ea. 100% Natural. Immune System Enhancement Formula

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IMMUNE BIO GREEN CELL is a biological modulator to the immune system response. This means, it’s not going to alter or suppress your immune system, it will instead regulate or balance it to reach the standard levels where the the immune system should function. Therefore, a genetic recognition is created and by getting this genetic recognition, a healing process begins. There are people who have a very high immune system, but it does not function properly. This is due to organisms in the immune system are altering too much, and the system has no genetic recognition of malignant cells, or enemies. Therefore, it can not attack what it does not recognize. The IMMUNE BIO GREEN CELL, when regulating the immune system, can help you to fight with autoimmune conditions by returning that balanced genetic recognition to avoid that the immune system attacks and/or destroys good cells.

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Protocol for Conditions of High Complexity (Cat.4). 20 bottles of 8 oz. ea. 30 days supply) Dosage: 40 ml. four times a day. Maintain in the sublingual area for 30 seconds and then swallow
Food Recommendations: minimize the consumption of sugars. Minimize the consumption of carbohydrates. Minimize the consumption of red meat and pork. Increase water consumption.
IMMUNE BIO GREEN CELL approved by the USDA as Immune System Enhancement Formula
Does not interfere with any medications you may be using. If you are taking an anticoagulants please consult your physician before taking this product

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