Whey Protein Powder Review
Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder Review

Body Fortress offers a five-pound Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder tub for around $34. This equates to 18 servings if you use one scoop per serving.

A single serving of this blend provides 30 grams of protein, which equals about 60% of a sedentary adult’s daily recommended intake. It also delivers 180 calories and 3 grams of fat, 1.5 of which are saturated.


Body Fortress is a company that offers a wide variety of fitness products, including protein powders and pre-workout supplements. Its products are designed to meet the specific needs of individuals committed to regular high-intensity workouts and a healthy lifestyle. Its focus on quality assurance and adherence to good manufacturing practices ensures the safety and efficacy of its products.

The Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder is a premium-quality protein supplement that can be used to support muscle growth and recovery. It is made from a blend of whey concentrate and isolate and provides 30 grams of protein per serving. It also contains essential amino acids necessary for muscle growth and repair. The supplement is available in various flavors, including vanilla and chocolate. It is recommended to be consumed within 30 minutes after a workout to maximize its benefits.

This affordable whey protein powder makes it an excellent choice for those who want to add extra protein to their diets without breaking the bank. It is also gluten-free and has a low glycemic index, which makes it ideal for diabetics. It also contains a significant amount of BCAAs, which are essential for muscle protein synthesis and glycogen sparing.

However, some users have reported problems with the texture and taste of this protein powder. They have complained of clumping or poor mixability, which can be problematic for those who prefer a smoother texture. Others have complained of a slightly sweet taste that they dislike.

Body Fortress is a popular protein powder that has received many positive reviews. It is available in various flavors and mixes well with water or milk. It is also easy to use in a smoothie and can be combined with other ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, nut butter, and Greek yogurt.


If you are looking for a low-cost, high-quality protein powder, Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey may be worth a try. It is available in various flavors and contains a blend of whey isolate and concentrate to meet your daily protein needs. It also contains creatine and BCAA’s to help with muscle development and recovery. You can find this product at many retailers, including Amazon.

This protein powder is very affordable, especially compared to other protein powders on the market—a two-pound tub costs $19, which makes the per-serving cost less than $0.76. You can also purchase a five-pound tub for around $34.

This lactose-free protein powder makes it suitable for lactose-intolerant or sensitive people. However, it is not recommended for those who have diabetes because it contains sugar and carbs. The product is also not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, and individuals with kidney disease should consult their physician before taking it.

It contains a significant amount of cholesterol, which is essential to consider. The product has 95mg of cholesterol in each serving, more than 30 percent of the recommended daily allowance. The cholesterol in this product comes from whey concentrate.

Other ingredients in this product include acesulfame potassium and sucralose, which are low-calorie sweeteners that are safe to use. Some people cannot tolerate this product’s sweetness, so it is essential to try it before purchasing.

The product also contains other ingredients that can help with post-workout recovery. This includes 1.5 grams of taurine and 1.5 grams of L-glutamine, which can increase energy levels and workout performance. It is made in a facility that processes wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, sesame seeds, fish, and shellfish.

The flavor of this protein powder is relatively mild, and it mixes well in water. Some people have reported clumping issues, but this issue can be easily remedied by mixing or blending the powder before drinking it. Some users have also experienced digestive sensitivity while taking this product.


Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein can be mixed into various drinks to create protein shakes. The product is available in multiple delicious flavors and mixes well enough to leave no gritty residue at the bottom of your shaker cup. The company suggests blending the protein powder with other ingredients such as milk, fruit, or vegetables. Add ice to your drink for a cool, refreshing treat.

Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey protein offers an impressive 30 grams per single-scoop serving, more than the recommended daily intake. The blend is rich in branched-chain amino acids, which help repair muscle tissue and replenish glycogen levels after training. The product also contains a hefty amount of calcium and vitamin D, essential for bone health.

The company’s whey protein contains lactose, which can cause stomach upset for some people. Those with sensitive stomachs should try mixing the protein powder with water instead of milk. The protein powder is also a good choice for those trying to lose weight, as the high-protein content can help curb hunger and support satiety.

One downside of Body Fortress is that it contains a significant amount of sodium and saturated fat, which can be unhealthy. However, the product is inexpensive and can supplement a healthy diet. Ultimately, no protein powder should be taken as a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise.

When choosing a protein powder, it’s essential to look at the type of protein, the amount of protein per scoop, and the ingredients, says Nicole Swingle, RD, a registered dietician specializing in sports nutrition in Redding, California. She also recommends seeking third-party verification checks from associations like NSF International or Informed-Sport. You should always consult with your healthcare provider before adding a new supplement to your diet.


Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein is an inexpensive product that offers a variety of flavors. It has a relatively low sugar level is fortified with BCAAs to support muscle recovery and repair. However, the product is not ideal for people with digestive sensitivity and should be taken with a healthy diet.

A popular way to use this product is to add one or two scoops to 8-12 ounces of water, milk, or other liquids. The powder has good mixability and can be blended with other ingredients to create a customized flavor profile. The product has a slightly sweet taste, which some individuals may prefer. It also contains a small amount of fat, although this is not necessarily a negative for people seeking muscle mass.

Those interested in using Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein should review the ingredient list to determine whether it meets their nutritional requirements and preferences. The protein blend combines whey isolate and concentrate, creatine monohydrate, and naturally-occurring BCAAs. This combination of nutrients supports muscle protein synthesis and glycogen storage during exercise. It is recommended that individuals consume this supplement within 30 minutes after workouts to maximize muscle growth and recovery.

This product is manufactured by Body Fortress in the United States and has received NSF certification. The NSF is a third-party organization that tests supplements for contaminant levels and ingredient integrity. This is a good sign that the company is committed to quality and transparency.

The supplement is available on Amazon and can be purchased in a 2-pound or 5-pound container. It has a low price tag of seventeen dollars per jar, which is relatively affordable compared to other industry mainstays such as Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard and MusclePharm Combat. The product is a dairy-based protein and does contain some saturated fat, sodium, and soy. These ingredients may be unwelcome for some consumers who prioritize purity and do not want to ingest these unhealthy substances. The manufacturer’s website notes that the product can be returned within a certain period if it is unsatisfactory.

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