Waterproof Megaphone Bullhorn and Flashlight – Portable Compact 40W PA Includes Rechargeable Battery, Alarm Siren, Adjustable Volume, Handheld Lightweight Speaker, LED, Indoor Outdoor – Pyle PMP67WLTB

Product Description

Price: $78.88
  • WIRELESS & LONG OPERATION RANGE WITH UHF: Wireless microphone system amplifies your voice clearly while enabling a free movement, up to 165ft/50m for operation, fixed frequency, less diffraction, longer range, higher penetration ability and more stable on signal transmission, suitable for space with obstacles
  • Wide Compatibility and More Application: The wireless microphone system is designed for multiple devices, such as PC/Notebook, iPhone/Android Phone, iPad/tablet, DVD etc. as input while TV screen/amplifier/speaker etc. as output for video/audio. The system allows you to sing with phone (there is a cable specially for phone/tablet in package) OR to sing with a video/audio (there is two cables for video/audio output).
  • MULTIFUNCTION: ①The wireless microphone system could work as part of Karaoke machine system for home entertainment such as party, family reunion, ceremony, wedding etc. ; ②The system could be used at church, classroom, office or social event, such as organizing crews at jobsites, directing, entertaining or performing. ③ It could be used on stage, at show, prom, even street perform
  • EASY TO USE: Easy to setup and portable to go. Just connect receiver to voice amplifier/speaker/PA and power with cables in package, install 2 AA batteries in microphone and turn on receiver, speaker and wireless microphones. Auto pairing for easy and intuitive setup. Package also includes a 1/4" audio plug adaptor. Independent adjustable volume control on receiver, audio/video cable included
  • NOTE: ①The cable from Mix Out on receiver should connect to AUX IN on speaker/amplifier, if connect to MIC IN, the voice may be low. ② You still need an extra audio equipment, such as speaker or amplifier, to output the sound. ③ The microphone needs 2 AA batteries, not including in package. Totally 4 AA batteries for 2 mics

Product Description
The Pyle PMP67WLTB Waterproof PA Bullhorn is a high-powered digital megaphone system perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The compact & lightweight design as well as the rechargeable battery feature adds up to its portability and dependability. Also, the waterproof construction is a BIG plus, you are free to bring this handheld megaphone to the beach or to a pool party worry-free!

Price: Too low to display
  • POWERFUL VOICE AMPLIFIER: Talk & be heard loud & clear with the Pyle 40 Watt Waterproof PA Bullhorn Megaphone with a sound projection range of over 1000 square yard and a sound level of 130 decibels which can effectively get everyone's attention!
  • WIRELESS AUDIO ON-THE-GO: With its portable battery operated design, this compact handheld waterproof megaphone is ideal for cheerleading, outdoor sport, public announcements, and safety drills. Plus, never worry about running empty with its rechargeable battery feature ( charger included ).
  • FUNCTIONAL SOUND DEVICE: This lightweight and handy megaphone can not only be used as a voice amplifier but also serves as an emergency tool with its integrated siren alarm function. It also has a rotary control switch for adjustable volume control settings.
  • LED LIGHTS FEATURE: Comes equipped with LED lights which make it convenient to be used for crowd control and traffic direction especially during the night or in dark locations.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: This compact & portable PA speaker features a marine grade waterproof construction which makes the device highly resistant to moisture. It also features an ergonomic & lightweight pistol grip chassis for better feel and handling.
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