Voice Recorder Evistr 8GB Digital Audio Sound Recorder Dictaphone, Voice Activated Recorder with MP3 Player

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Connect to TV via digital optical Audio out 1. Find the digital optical Audio out jack on your TV. 2. Connect the transmitter tt-ba09 to your TV via the digital optical Audio out jack using the digital optical cable. 3. Pair the transmitter tt-ba09 with your Bluetooth headphones/speakers. Connect to TV via aux/ RCA audio out once the transmitter is connected to Bluetooth stereos, the blue LED indicator will remain on. If there’s no sound coming out from your stereos, please kindly have a check see if you have plugged the unit into the audio output jack on your TV. pair with two Bluetooth headphones/speakers simultaneously 1. Turn on your speaker/headphones and the transmitter, place them into pairing mode (tap the power button twice to set the transmitter into pairing mode, LED flashes Blue and red). making sure they pair with each other successfully. 2. Turn off the Bluetooth of the speaker/headphones and turn on speaker/headphones B. Then tap the power button twice of the transmitter to pair and connect to your speaker/headphones B. Also make sure they pair with each other successfully. 3. Turn on the Bluetooth of speaker/headphones a. In approximately 30 seconds, It will automatically connect in. And now the audio will be transmitted to both speakers/headphones. note 1. If the transmitter could not pair with the headphones/speakers successfully, please kindly reset both the transmitter and the headphones/speaker. 2. The transmitter is supported to apt Low Latency codec, apt Low Latency supported headphones/speakers are also required for the audio to be encoded via this codec. what is in the Box1 x Totonacs Bluetooth 5. 0 2-in-1 adapter (Model: tt-ba09) 1 x 3ft digital optical slink cable/ 50cm audio cable 1 x 3. 5mm 1. 64ft/ 50cm audio cable 1 x 3. 5mm female to 2 RCA male Cable1 x USB charging Cable1 x user guide

Price: $39.99
  • Transmitter + receiver: one portable adapter to use as either transmitter or receiver, powered by the latest Bluetooth 5.0, can pair with two headphones/ speakers at once.
  • Optical + 3.5mm: you get maximum flexibility with support for both 3.5mm (aux and RCA) and optical (To slink) digital, both input and output are supported.
  • Low delay: apt Low Latency technology eliminate Bluetooth Audio delay, so you can watch TV/ movie/ video and listen to high-clarity sound in perfect synchronization. Note: apt Low Latency only supports TX mode.
  • Constant streaming and automatic re-pairing: internal battery provides up to 15 hours of using, support charging and streaming at the same time, and automatically re-pairs with existing paired devices.
  • Cable-free roaming: keep your old stereo or wired headphone alive with new Bluetooth wireless Connection, pair with smart phone or tablet from up to 30 feet away, and enjoy great music cable-free.

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    From One Star to Five, February 22, 2017

    By Todd A (Maine, USA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver, Digital Optical TOSLINK and 3.5mm Wireless Audio Adapter for TV / Home Stereo System – aptX Low Latency (Baby Product)

    When I want to watch tv at night when everyone else in the family has gone to sleep, I prefer to use bluetooth headphones.I have tried a few different bluetooth transmitters in the past but they have been hard to connect and seem to randomly drop the signal. I even had to shut the bluetooth off on my phone or the headphones would grab the phone instead of transmitter.This TaoTronics instantly connected and reconnected every time I turned the headphones on to watch cable tv. I was even able to leave my phones bluetooth on. My joy was quickly dashed when I tried the Amazon and Netflix app on my LG Smart tv. Neither app would send sound to my headphones. I contacted both TaoTronics and LG to help solve this problem. Although both customer service reps were friendly and tried to help, neither one could make this transmitter play sound for Apps . I decided to try some more settings on my tv and I accidentally found the answer to get sound from any source on my TV. In the Sound out settings, Digital Sound Out set at Auto equals no sound on Apps, set at PCM sound is crystal clear on everything. One other suggestion, plug your transmitter into a constant power source, not the tv so whenever you turn on your headphones it instantly connects. I have had everything set up for over two weeks and I haven’t had to touch the transmitter since the first night. Other transmitters I have had I had to hit the on/connect button nightly.

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very satisfied with the replacement., November 2, 2016

    By Mike From Mesa (Mesa, AZ) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver, Digital Optical TOSLINK and 3.5mm Wireless Audio Adapter for TV / Home Stereo System – aptX Low Latency (Baby Product)

    I bought this to connect to my TV so I could listen through BT earphones and, when it arrived, I charged the unit and connected it using the supplied digital optical cable, set the switches to TX and SPDIF and paired it with my earbuds. Pairing was more difficult than I thought it would be but eventually my earbuds paired and I began to hear the sound from the TV. I sat about 10 feet from the transmitter so I knew I was within the specified distance for this device to work.

    Everything was fine for about 2 or 3 minutes and then the sound began to skip. That is, there were silent spaces in the TV sound with part of the dialog missing. After about 5or 6 minutes the sound completely broke up and I could not make sense of any of the sound from the TV. This sequence repeated itself – normal sound, missing pieces of the sound, completely broken up sound – while I listened and I eventually gave up.

    I also tried using the aux audio output thinking that perhaps the issue was the digital audio output from my TV but that connection was even worse.

    I had been using the earbuds for some time without any issue but, just to be sure, I connected them to the BT on my computer and played an internet movie without issue. I then connected it to my smartphone and again, without issue. listened to audio. I was really disappointed in this unit and wanted a replacement, making the assumption that perhaps it was the unit I received, but Amazon did not offer to send me a replacement and I was forced to choose between a refund or a gift card. I now must try to find some other unit that will work better than this one.


    As I mentioned in my review I had made the assumption that my problems, described above, were related to the specific unit I received rather than the product as a whole. I assumed this because the product had generally received very good reviews and my unit did not work well at all. Sunvalleytek customer service contacted me and offered to send a replacement unit and, when it arrived, the first thing I did was charge it and, after it had charged, connect it to my TV. As with the previous unit I used the optical connection and set the unit to transmit.

    I was able to pair my bluetooth headset to the unit, turned the TV mute control on and then sat down to watch. Unlike my previous experience this time the unit worked properly. I watched TV for about 20 minutes and the sound was rock solid, no skips, no misses, no breakup. I then set the cable box (I use Tivo) to play some of the recordings and they worked properly. I then connected to Netflix and watched some streaming video and it worked without an issue. As a last test I turned the DVD player on, inserted a disk and watched a bit of it and, as with the other tests this worked properly. I had no problems.

    One of the things I wanted to test was the time lag between words being spoken and the sound being received. I had already tried a unit from a different manufacturer and found that I had gotten about a quarter second delay between the visual indication of a sound and the recipe of the sound in my earbuds and I wanted to see if this unit was any different. While there may have been some delay it had to be very small because I generally could not see any difference between people’s lips moving and the words being played in my earbuds. This unit must have faster hardware for whatever delay there might have been to not be noticeable.

    I then tried this with a second pair of bluetooth earbuds and found it to also work properly. One thing I liked about this unit is that, while it is small, it is not so small as to be unstable. The other unit I had received was so small and light that a slight movement of the cable meant that the unit itself might be knocked to the floor. This unit, while small and light, is more substantial than the competitor and I appreciated that. It also has a small rubber circle on the bottom which makes it less likely to be moved accidentally and prevents it from scratching the surface it sits on.

    The last thing I want to mention was the speed and helpfulness of Sunvalleytek’s customer service people. They contacted me right away, they sent out a replacement the same day using 2 day delivery and it was delivered on a Sunday. I consider that to be extraordinarily good customer service and I wanted to mention how helpful they were.

    In general I was very pleased with the replacement and have changed my review rating accordingly. I understand that sometimes a bad unit can get through the manufacturing process, even with the best quality control, and this seemed to be such a case.

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great for watching TV/movies after the kids have gone to bed, August 17, 2017

    By Stephen E. (Libertyville, IL United States) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver, Digital Optical TOSLINK and 3.5mm Wireless Audio Adapter for TV / Home Stereo System – aptX Low Latency (Baby Product)

    I bought this so the wife and I could watch movies at night with a pair of Bluetooth headphones after the kids had gone to bed without waking them up. It works pretty good for us in this application.

    This was very easy to pair with both of our headphones, and the audio quality is as good or better than any other Bluetooth transmitter we have tried to date. But, the audio quality could be a bit better. There are still a few times where we get a bit of static or experience audio sync issues where the audio lags the video on-screen (really noticeable when someone is talking). I am guess that our headphones don’t support the same aptX low latency protocol and these issues would go away or be reduced if we had better headphones, so I won’t fault this product for the minor audio quality issues at this point.

    I have not yet tried the optical input or output or the receiver mode, but expect they work just as well.

    Mine came with enough of a charge to watch at least 2.5 hours of video, but they do recommend you fully charge this before first use. Either way, battery life doesn’t seem to be an issue on mine.

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