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[Transformation Challenge Task 7] Harder, Faster, Stronger Baby! 5 Ways To Finish Your Diet Challenge Strong 

It’s the final week of our fabulous Summer Transformation and we want you to bring your A GAME!

What do you need to reset to cross the end of the Summer Transformation finish line strong?

At this stage in a challenge, it’s common to think, ‘Oh, it’s the last challenge and it’s summer. I will just start in September again’. And we get it, we know how tempting it is to put things off until it’s a ‘better time’ or ‘more convenient’.

The thing is, and we say this with love, isn’t that what you’ve always done? Because we have. At New You HQ we have lost count of the number of times we were starting plan ‘on Monday’. For the last week of our Summer Transformation Challenge we want you to dig deep and really give it your all.  To really boost your weight loss, we have 5 fab ways to help you finish strong.

1. Recommit to your goal

Review your weight loss goals. How are you doing? Whether you are close to goal or starting from the beginning, you can recommit now. Think about your ‘why’. Why do you want to lose weight? Use our Magical New Me journal to write down your goals. It’s full of amazing tips to motivate you and keep you in a positive mindset.

2. Make your action steps effort driven, not outcome driven

Once you’ve identified your goal, determine action steps that are effort driven,

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