TrackR pixel – Bluetooth Tracking Device. Item Tracker. Phone Finder. iOS/Android Compatible – Black

Product Description
VK-162 is a complete GPS receiver with built-in satellite receiver antenna.
The satellite receiver adopts the most advanced UBLOX positioning core, provides highly accurate positioning information, and meets both industrial requirements and personal needs.
It can be used for car navigation, security systems, map making, surveys, agricultural uses, etc.
It comes with a built-in button-type battery.
It stores satellite store information, such as the status of satellite signal, the location and time of the last use, to increase the speed of positioning. Built-in WAAS / EGNOS Demodulator. Receives WAAS / EGNOS signals without any additional hardware. Supports data output of NWEA0183 3.01 version.
Data driven, specifications, PC navigation map download link:
Log in to this Google Cloud Drive and easily download the drivers for VK-162

Price: $12.98
  • Industry standard 25 x 25 x 4mm high sensitivity GPS Antenna Using KDS 0.5PPM high-precision TCXO
  • Built-in RTC chip and pF capacitor for faster warm start .Built-in EEPROM. Rich configuration parameters
  • 1-5 Hz position update rate
  • Support AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline A-GPS services, etc.

Product Description
Tag your important items with the track pixel and let the track app keep track of everything for you. Use your phone to make your track pixel ring and light up, so you can find any misplaced item quickly. If you can’t find your phone, press the button on your track to make it ring. And when you’re far away from your missing item, track's crowd technology will confidentially update your app and Show your item’s last known location on the Map.

Price: $11.85
  • Always losing things? TrackR is here to help! So small and lightweight, you can attach it to anything
  • TrackR uses Bluetooth technology to find items at close range-up to 100 feet away. Use the TrackR app to ring your device, now with flashing LED lights to help you find it fast
  • Replace the battery, not the device - for free. The app will notify you when the battery is running low. Order a replacement directly from the app
  • See where you last had your keys, wallet, laptop - on a map. TrackR's global Crowd Locate feature will alert you when your missing item has been spotted
  • Can't find your phone? Press the clear button on your TrackR to make your phone ring, even on silent mode
  • Free TrackR app download, compatible with iOS & Android. Try our Alexa Skill - just say: "Alexa, ask TrackR to find my phone"
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