Rotolight Creative Colour Kit with HD LED Stealth Ringlight, Stand & Color FX Filters Also Includes Belt Pouch

Product Description
The Rotolight Creative Color Kit is a compact and versatile, LED Ringlight system, perfect for Portraiture, Macro or Interview lighting. Easy to use and fast to set up, great on location or in a studio. It delivers Flicker Free' continuous light with excellent color rendering (CRIGreater Than91). The RL48 ringlight includes seven Lee Filters' Lighting Gels for calibrating color temperature plus dimming / diffusion and minus green filters. Also included is a 10 piece Color FX Kit', providing filters for skin tone, backlight and hair-light effects. The RL48 Stand adaptor fixes to 1/4"- 20 thread tripod mounts or accessory / hot shoes. The whole kit packs into the Accessory Belt Pouch (Batteries not included).

Price: $159.99
  • Rotolight 1x RL48-B Ringlight - 7 Pack Calibration Filter Set - RL48-Stand with Hot-shoe Adaptor - RL48-CFP Color FX Filter Kit - RL48-ABP Belt Pouch - Rotolight 1 Year Warranty
  • Ideal for Portraiture, Macro and interview Lighting use on location or in studio. Tungsten Equivalent 100w, continuous flicker-free output, CRIGreater Than91. 140° Degree Beam Angle for shadowless soft-light
  • Deliver classic Ring-light' effect, eliminates red eye. Adjustable Color Temperature 6300K, 5600K daylight', 4300K & 3200K. Dimmable using N.D filters over 1.5 stops. Inc. diffusion & minus green
  • Powered by 3 x AA batteries - Up to 4 hour continuous use. Mounts onto accessory hot Shoe, 1/4" 20 lighting stands / tripods or shotgun mic
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