Pyle 90 Watt Power Home HiFi Stereo Amplifier – Portable Dual Channel Surround Sound Audio Receiver w/ 12V Adapter – For Subwoofer Speaker, MP3, iPad, iPhone, Car, Marine Boat, PA System – PFA300

Product Description
Designed to enhance your gaming experience with 600 Ohm headphone amp, 116dB SNR, and ESS SABRE9006A DAC, the STRIX Soar 7.1 sound card adds high fidelity directional audio to your game so you can hear your targets even before you see them.

Price: $104.14
  • Crystal Clear Audio - 116dB SNR and ESS SABRE9006A DAC for supreme audio performance and immersive sounds
  • Innovative audio software - Sonic Studio lets users intuitive control all audio aspects and also features Sonic Radar Pro for in-game overlay visualizing incoming audio positioning.
  • Sonic Radar Pro - In-game overlay visualizing incoming audio positioning perfect for those who hearing impaired, or want to have sci-fi style radar
  • Powerful headphone amp - 600ohm headphone amp delivers clear detailed sound
  • Static lighting effects - Stylized on board lighting adds an aura of your hunter's instinct to your build., kindly refer the user manual given below for troubleshooting steps.

Product Description

Introducing Pyle Car Audio Wiring Kit is perfect for any boat , car or outdoor amplifier install. This kit includes all the needed wires and accessories to complete the job. It has 20ft. 4 gauge red power wire, 4ft. 4 gauge black ground wire, 20ft. 16 gauge blue remote turn-on, 20ft. 12 gauge stereo speaker wire, 20ft. stereo RCA audio cable (male to male) and 6ft. black split loom cable conduit. Also, 2 ring terminals 8G 2 spade terminals: 8G, 5 spade terminals: 14-16G, 3 butt connector, 20 cable ties and 1 black grommet. Moreover, with a power rating of 1600 watts this kit is sure to complete your vehicle sound system and an ideal protection for high powered system. The premium AGU 60A gold plated and water resistant fuse holder provides maximum protection for your power wire and the included RCA cable allows for the best signal pass through. Surely, it will increase the audio purity and reduce interference in the wiring.

  • 20ft. 4 Gauge Red Power Wire
  • 4ft. 4 Gauge Black Ground Wire
  • 20ft. 16 Gauge Blue Remote Turn-On
  • 20ft. 12 Gauge Stereo Speaker Wire
  • 20ft. Stereo RCA Audio Cable (Male to Male)
  • 6ft. Black Split Loom Cable Conduit
  • AGU Type 60A Gold Plated Fuse
  • In-Line Water Resistant Fuse Holder
  • 2 Ring Terminals: 4G
  • 2 Spade Terminals: 4G
  • 5 Spade Terminals: 16-18G
  • 3 Butt Connectors
  • 20 Cable Ties
  • 1 Black Grommet
  • Sold as: Kit
  • Weight: 3.01 lbs.


  • Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.
  • If this item fails to meet your expectations we will accept it back a full refund within the first 30 days.
  • Price: $16.74
    • COMPLETE AMPLIFIER KIT: Pyle car audio wiring kit has power wire, terminals, fuse holders, speaker wire, and grommet. They're all high resistance to moisture and has all you need for battery head unit and sound system
    • CABLES AND WIRE: Pyle link kit has 20 ft. 8-gauge red power wire, 4 ft. 8-gauge black ground wire, 20 ft. 16-gauge blue remote turn-on wire, 20 ft. 12-gauge stereo speaker wire, 20 ft. stereo RCA audio cable and a 6 ft. black split loom cable conduit
    • TERMINALS AND CONNECTORS: Pyle audio wiring kit has 2 8G ring and spade terminals and 5 14-16G spade terminals. It also includes 3 butt connectors, 20 cable ties, and 1 black grommet
    • MARINE GRADE WIRE: Pyle link kit is marine grade wire that can be trusted leaving with no spark and bad ground wiring. They're all packed up with AGU type 60A gold plated fuse. This is perfect installation in car, vehicle, boat and outdoor amplifier
    • 1200W POWER RATING: This kit is an ideal for high power protection and sure to complete your amplified vehicle-powered sound system. It gets current from your battery to your amplifier that increases audio purity
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