Productivity Planner – Daily Planner – Non Dated 5 x 8″ – Accomplish your 2018 Goals

Product Description
The Productivity Planner combines productivity principles based on scientific research and used by successful people throughout history into a simple daily format that will help you conquer lazy, distracted, and unaccomplished "busy" days. With an easy-to-read introduction that walks you through the process, you can get started on your important work quickly! You get 6 months worth of daily productivity planning and Weekly Planning & Review sections designed to make you reflect on your productivity and enable growth and improvement. Beat Procrastination and Accomplish Your Important Work. From the creators of The Five Minute Journal!

Price: $24.95
  • PROVEN PRODUCTIVITY FORMAT: The Productivity Planner is based on historical leading Productivity Principles and Supported Goals Research that are proven to increase productivity.
  • GET FOCUSED. BEAT PROCRASTINATION: Stay clear of distractions with the Productivity Planner's simple focused Pomodoro style work system.
  • BECOME MORE PRODUCTIVE DAILY: Rate your productivity at the end of each day and become more effective day by day.
  • WEEKLY PLANNING / REVIEW: Stay on top of your weekly goals and review what happened each week. Everything is non-dated so you do not waste pages like most planners. Includes 5-day pages per week.
  • GUARANTEED TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY OR YOUR MONEY BACK: The Productivity Planner is Guaranteed to work or your money back! If you do not absolutely love the Productivity Planner, return it and we will issue you a full refund (or replace it if there's a problem).
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