SlimGenics Herbal-Slim | Appetite Suppressant Metabolizer Herb w/Chromium, Green Tea, Ginseng & Gingko – Speeds up Weight Loss, Suppresses Appetite, Cleanses & Detoxifies, Increases Energy – 180ct

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The blend of herbs found in Herbal-Slim Metabolizer Herbs help to speed up your metabolism, increase your energy, reduce water retention and detoxify your body. These herbs are also believed to support liver and kidney function as well as cardiac and immune system during the stress of weight loss.

SHED WEIGHT: Speed up your metabolism with our specially-designed herbal blend to improve weight loss results
DETOXIFY: Nourish your body with the herbs it needs and rid of toxins that prevent you from feeling and looking your best
H2O REGULATION: A large contributor to weight gain can be the build-up of water in tissues, making you appear swollen. Herbal slim works to reduce this water retention and keep your weight well-regulated.
FEEL INVIGORATED: Increase energy levels and feel your best
GET THE SUPPORT YOU NEED: Supports vital organs during the stress of weight loss, such as the liver and kidneys.

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