Probac 10 Plus Dietary Supplement Product (2 gx 30 sachets) 10 clinically Proven probiotic strains Plus 2 prebiotics

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Probac 10 Plus is ideal for treating those with gastrointestinal disorders: GERD, dyspepsia, leaky gut syndrome, inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS). It is also beneficial for those with cirrhosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatic encephalopathy and pancreatitis as the probiotics work to boost immunity and reduce inflammation. Probac 10 Plus is also effective in providing relief against allergies, asthma and atopic dermatitis.

Probac10 Plus combines 10 clinically proven probiotic strains and 2 prebiotics with a fiber product: Fibersol-2.
When consumed as part of a healthy diet, Probac10 delivers the maximum benefit of probiotics that’s boosted by a fiber product to relieve constipation and sustain intestinal regularity.
This works towards maintaining triglyceride and healthy blood sugar levels.
Boosting your body’s primary defense system against illness
Probiotic Bacteria (Total Synbiotic Formulation)

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