Green Coffee – 50% Chlorogenic Acid – Arabica Bean Fruit Extract Powder (Coffea Arabica), 25 kg

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Size:25 kg (55 lb)

Raw Arabica green coffee beans contain high levels of Chlorogenic Acid that may help lower the absorption of glucose into the body and support the activation of the body’s metabolism. We provide 100% natural green coffee bean extract (50% chlorogenic acids) made from beans harvested at the peak season for freshness and full potency. Green coffee bean extract has been promoted extensively on popular doctor shows for safe and effective weight loss and weight-management. Green Coffee Bean Extract powder is a simple way to introduce chlorogenic acids into your diet and for improved metabolism. Some typically gummy, oily or damp extracts require an anti-caking agent to maintain its powder form. Non-GMO and/or Organic Tapioca maltodextrins are typically used, in as small amounts as possible. If used, PFL will list it on our label. Most extracts require its use, whether other suppliers disclose it or not. Review the safety article at Prescribed For Life for more information.

100% Natural Arabica Coffee Bean Extract
Assists with healthy weight management protocols
Mixes great with water, juices and smoothies
No bloating or laxative effect
Country of Origin: China

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