Blade Fat Burner for Men + Blade PM by Blue Star Nutraceuticals: 24 Hour Fat Burning Stack to Boost Metabolism, Support Weight Loss, Suppress Appetite and Improve Sleep Quality, 120 Diet Pills Each

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BLADE by Blue Star Nutraceuticals: Fat Burning Redefined

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade isn’t just the newest fat burner designed specifically for men – it’s also the strongest.

With more than triple the strength of the original award-winning formula, Blade once again redefines the stimulant based thermogenic market. Blade features a no-frills high-octane thermogenic formula that scientifically targets weight loss from all angles. From boosting metabolism, to controlling appetite, to even mobilizing stored fat in those last-to-go stubborn areas, Blade is a truly complete thermogenic fat burner.

Blade is not only stronger than ever, but…

It also works faster.

Its effects last longer.

Finally, a fat burner that lets you focus on absolutely anything other than burning fat – leave that to Blade.

Blade PM by Blue Star Nutraceuticals: Fat Burning Redefined

If you’re in the majority of American men, you’re not even close to getting the kind of sleep you should be getting. This boosts your cortisol levels and cripples your blood sugar control. And when this happens, burning fat is a lot harder than it needs to be.

Blade PM goes to work when you go to sleep. During this time your body is in a state of pure energy expenditure with zero calorie intake. This is when your body is begging to burn fat – and Blade PM knows it!

Blade PM is the only three-stage night time fat-burner for men that asks nothing more from you than 30 seconds of your time, an hour before you go to sleep.

24 HOUR FAT BURNING FOR MEN – With a cutting-edge scientifically focused formulas, weight loss and fat burning comes quickly with BLADE and BLADE PM. Key ingredients such as the Capsaicinoids in CH-19 Sweet Pepper provide significant thermogenic support by boosting metabolism.
SCIENCE APPROVED WEIGHT LOSS – BLADE contains Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCAR) which drives fat loss by transporting fatty acids into mitochondria. Once in mitochondria, these fatty acids can then be burned off as energy, causing fat loss to occur more efficiently. Blade PM contains key fat burning ingredients, such as Green Coffee Bean Extract & Forskolin.
BOOST ENERGY & FOCUS – Various stimulants were carefully chosen to give you the increased energy you need when dieting. Perfect for morning cardio or a mental pick-me-up at 2:00 PM, BLADE provides ample energy when you need it most without the crash that other fat burners provide.
REDUCE LATE-NIGHT CRAVINGS – With less blood sugar swings and improved sleep latency, Blade PMhelps curb any late night cravings you may have. Also, the improved sleep quality that comes with Blade PMhelps support healthy cortisol levels, which leads to less cravings, too.
PIKATROPIN / PICAMILON FREE – Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade & BLADE PM are free of any picamilon or Pikatropin.

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