ATOMY Slim Body Shake Green Tea-Weight Loss, natural supplement, Vital Control, Diet Diet Food Tea, Appetite suppress (55gX15 Bottle/ total 3,036Kcal) FEELLUCKY (3)

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Weight control foods:
Not only enough protein, but also various nutrients in a balanced way to minimize the side effects of diet.
Easy to eat:
Easy to pour water everywhere
Sustainable Diet:
It consists of two flavors of green tea and chewy grain, which enhances eating pleasure on diet.
Daily intake of vitamins and minerals, protein and fiber, making the diet sustainable.
Various ingredients:
Green tea extracts and nectarine mix powder containing navy beans, Egyptian beans, oats, and tangerines are combined to help a healthy diet.

♥ If People need to diet due to increased weight ♥If People need weight increase due to reduced weight
♥If People want to have a diet with 3 nutrients and vitamins / minerals ♥If People want easy diet meal anywhere with water
♥ Programs for employees who have difficulty eating breakfast ♥ program to replace dinner
♥ Programs to eat before or after exercise ♥ Programs for quick diet ♥ Made in south korea
♥ For healthy body ♥ When you want to lose weight healthily ♥ When you want to make a healthy increase

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