5 ml. Glass Roll on Bottle. Perfect for Essential Oils Aromatherapy, Perfume and Cologne. Plastic Roller. Pipettes Included (864 Bottles, Yellow)

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Size:864 Bottles | Color:Yellow

Volume: 5 ml. filled to shoulder line Height: 60 mm. measured from base to top of cap Width: 17 mm. measured from diameter of bottom


The Parfumerie is your trusted wholesale perfume and aromatherapy supplies company. We offer a variety of different perfume supplies and aromatherapy items for local and international shops as well as hobbyists.

Instead of mass-producing our items, we craft them by hand to offer superior quality and simplicity. Blending oils, colognes or perfumes is an art, and we want to offer our clients a way to create your own fragrances in a natural way.


Our glass spray bottles are perfect for holding perfume, cologne or even essential oils.

We offer numerous sizes and designs for our glass spray bottles to help match your desired fragrance. Since we want to provide you with all of the items your perfume business requires, we also offer our glass spray bottle products at competitive prices along with informative and dedicated customer service.

Whenever you need to pick up another cologne sprayer bottle or a perfume sprayer, the Parfumerie will always be here for all of your perfume and cologne needs.

🎁 THIS ROLL-ON BOTTLE IS GREAT FOR AROMATHERAPY, PERFUME AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS- It is refillable and has a removable insert which also fits inside the neck of the bottle for a snap, leak proof seal
👜TRAVEL SIZE, FITS IN YOUR PURSE- Easily fulfill customer orders by filling this convenient set of roll-ons with any cosmetic/therapeutic applications
🌺 MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY GLASS, KEEPS BETTER THE SCENTS- It’s best to use a glass container because essential oils could break down the plastic, which in turn can destroy the oil
⚗️ FREE TRANSFER PIPETTE INCLUDED- Easy to decant, the pipette will help you to fill the bottle easily
♻️ GLASS IS A RECYCLABLE, REUSABLE AND DURABLE MATERIAL- We know you will use it for a long time but if for any reason you are not 100% happy with your purchase, please send it back and we’ll guarantee you a full refund

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