PCT MA28PN RF Amplifier Passive Return CATV Amp 8-Ports

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Product Description
The PCT 8-port Passive Return Amplifier with BYPASS feature is compatible with all standard and digital Cable TV services, including the "Triple Play" phone service and HDTV. On the inside, this product is the exact same amplifier as shown in Amazon catalog #B000WDR94U, with an added feature that is a must if you are using it on a system with a cable based phone - part of the cable TV "Triple Play". The Bypass feature insures that your cable phone can continue to operate in the event of a power outage or amplifier failure, as long as your phone and/or cable modem connection goes through the special bypass port. Federal Law requires that all cable companies must provide some sort of battery backup for homes with a cable phone in case the phone goes out. The problem with using a conventional cable TV amplifier in that case is if the power goes out to the amplifier - or if the amplifier fails it could block the cable modem signal and prevent your cable telephone or other sensitve cable equipment from operating properly. The PCT Bypass Amplifier give you all of the great benefits of the MA2-8P amplifier and more. If you don't need the bypass feature, the amplifier work exactly like the MA2-8P regardless and give you worry free operation that PCT is known for providing. PCT's 8-Port amplifier line has improved performance and ultra-low noise amplification of broadband signals for the most demanding home video installations. This 8-Port amplifier provides better return insertion loss performance, enhanced shielding protection, and IEEE B3 6kV, 3000 amp combination wave surge withstand on all ports for superior lightning protection. All "F" ports also include PCT's patented Digital Seizure Mechanism (DSM) for superior center conductor retention, electrical performance, and additional protection against transient surges.

Price: $43.50
  • Enhanced version of B000WDR94U. Supports cable based E911 features.
  • 4dB boost per port, doubles signal strength, reduces snow, prevents pixelation with digital cable.
  • BYPASS feature allows critical cable equipment to get signal in the event of a power outage or amplifier failure.
  • Compatible with all standard and digital Cable TV services, including the "Triple Play" phone service.
  • 5-year warranty when purchased from an Authorized PCT Distributor/Dealer. Warranty not valid when purchased through other outlets.
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