ONKYO portable headphone amplifier DAC equipped with Black DAC-HA200(B) [Japan Impot]

Product Description
Portable headphone amplifier Onkyo's first music of your favorite high resolution sound source to play high-definition. And continue to have the desire to want to deliver more and more people the sound leading to the impression, Onkyo, we have been developing audio products of high quality for over 60 years. And we have a full-scale entry into the original headphone product concept, bring out the sound quality of the "Audio On the GO"-Hi-Fi audio in the last year. In addition, we announced music app where you can enjoy high-quality music to an iOS device as a new portable suggest "HF Player". And as a new product available to take these concepts, will be released DAC built-in portable headphone amplifier that is Onkyo's first this time the "DAC-HA200". This unit, while realizing a compact body size, easy to carry, playback of sound technology has been condensed in the inside. D / A converter is equipped with built-in PCM5102 can be converted to high-performance digital audio signal. In addition, I adopt a discrete circuit of a push-pull configuration to the amplifier section, I realized the music high-definition play. In addition, the use of a MUSES8920 characterized by sound reproduction three-dimensional clear to the operational amplifier, and we have achieved in the world of portable sound Onkyo pursues. This handset is linked music app Onkyo as "HF Player", when I have you connected to the iOS device on hand, in addition to the points that can be hi-res playback without the camera connection kit, iOS device and this unit If it is a state of being connected via USB, you can also have you use free HD player pack of paid version that can play hi-res sound source. In addition, not only mobile terminal, because it can be connected to the PC, the one for a wide range of applications use both in and out of the house.

Price: $141.00
  • HD Player pack of HF Player app is available free of charge to the DAC-HA200 connection
  • It can be played out remains of digital via USB music file in Android terminal
  • iOS product is capable of playing up to 96kHz/24bit in conjunction with HF Player application
  • The high resolution of the largest renewable 96kHz/24bit from PC
  • To the Op-amplifier, sound reproduction steric adopted MUSES8920 of New Japan Radio Features in clear
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