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I seriously could not believe that today was Tuesday, I felt like it was Friday, as I feel like I have done a weeks work in the last 1-2 days. My life has changed dramatically in the last week or so and this meme sums me up perfectly lol

I haven’t really done a personal update in a while, and I am actually too tired tonight to go into detail on one so I just wanted to give you a mini update and make sure I do not break my streak of doing a blog post every day in 2020

In the last week my life has totally changed, as has everyone’s!

Last Tuesday night I was lying in bed and I knew that I had to take action to protect my team, my family and the new you plan business.

I called a meeting on Wednesday and told everyone that they they had to start working from home, or if they came into work they had to work in isolation.

I also took my kids out of school and cancelled every appointment in my calendar for the next month or so. I made the decision to self isolate with my kids from last Friday. So we have completed 5 days so far, and to be honest I find it really ok as I am quite introverted and my kids get on really well together, so we are happy as larry so far!

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