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  • You now have full control to play/pause/skip or start over in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Pick which stories you want to watch on-demand.
  • Switch between various local streams and live events.
  • More news focused on the community where you live.
  • Improved severe weather coverage powered by The Weather Channel.

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  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars
    Not customized to your specific are – wide area waste of time, August 6, 2017

    By D Von (USA) –

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    Their use of the term ‘hyper-local’ is absolutely ridiculous. This is basically a loop of a few stories that apply to an ENTIRE metro are. Nothing hyper-local about this. Plus you get the weather channel – AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION through cable or some other provider. Suggestions for restaurants or entertainment are not local to your area but again Metro wide. So you are getting suggestions for stuff 30-50 miles away depending on how large your Metropolitan area is. Also, the recommendations are limited and appear to be paid for. Traffic again is nowhere near local to your specific zip code and is generic from a national provider for your entire metro area. My experience is that 90% of their ‘HYPER-LOCAL’ content will not be useful to you.

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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Fair to Partly Cloudy performance, May 5, 2017

    By WesZ (OBX North Carolina) –

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    It’s OK, it gets the weather to my TV, however I am constantly needed to re-input my zip code…. sometimes, three or four times or more. Then I reboot my Amazon Fire Box and it goes back to no problems for awhile. Then a day or two days later…. boom…. problems. This app also cycles thru local weather and some local sports. I have the weather volume set to low comfortable, but when the sports come on the volume jump higher to like high un-comfortable volume…. it need some kind of gain control. Ill give it 3 stars because it does actually show up on my TV screen.

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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Waste of Time, July 2, 2017

    By Mountain Bike Mike (Northern California, USA) –

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    It is only free for a short trial period. Even if it were completely free it is not worth the time, trouble or storage space, it is just a loop that repeats itself over and over. Gives you headlines in your area with no information, for example you will see “Major accident on highway 70”, that’s it, nothing else. It goes on to the next headline with no detail or location. There are better, faster and easier ways to get weather.

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