Hiletgo 20 Pieces 2 bundles and 5 Colors 1.5 Inch 22AWG Alligator Clips & 1.6 Inch Test Lead Set Length 20.5Inch for Arduino Raspberry PI

Product Description
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1. Please make sure the DC output and tip size of ac adapter are accordant before you order.
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Price: $33.99
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Product Description
This is a good set of test leads. The wire for the leads is 105°C 600V 20AWG stranded wire, which is a good, sturdy wire gauge.
On each end of the leads, the wire is soldered to the alligator clip for electrical connection. To provide mechanical strain relief, the alligator clip is crimped to the insulated part of the wire.
By using these small but effective clips you could lay out the LEDs before making cuts or additions to get the custom fit.

10 Test leader & 5 colors : green×2,white×2,black×2,yellow×2,red×2
10 clips by nickel plated steel with PVC insulators
Length-20.5", Test lead-1.6"
Wire: 22-AWG copper with PVC insulation, 1 item each package.
Rating: hands free testing at 300V,7Amp, high quality products.

Package Includes:
20 Test leader & 20 clips by nickel plated steel with PVC Insulators

Price: $6.39
  • For something like an arduino board, Raspberry PI they work very well. The insulated covers over the alligator clips are a nice touch especially when using on a small/cramped prototype board/solderless breadboard.
  • They are great for testing equipment that requires less that 2 or so amps to run as they are not heavy enough to use for higher current.
  • The clips are small enough to hook on smaller wires and grip well, and the insulation comes nearly all the way to the tip so you don't cause any shorts.
  • The wires are flexible, so the clips don't pop off while you're working on something.
  • You can get two of each color: red, black, yellow, green, and white. The different colors are handy for keeping track of which wire is which when you're testing multiple things at the same time.
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