Healthful Hydration Fruit Infusing Infuser Water Bottle, 32oz Ounce (Blue Color)

Product Description
High Quality Fruit Infusing Infuser Infuser Water Bottle. Liven up the way you drink by infusing your water with healthful fruits and veggies! More water = Better health - Ultra Durable Tritan BPA Free material - Use for hot or cold drinks - Can withstand boiling water and freezing temps and will not leech! Extra durable Tritan plastic with shatterproof bottle is a great way to take your favorite flavors on the go everyday! This infusing on the go bottle will be topic of conversation at any event and teaching your family about proper hydration while avoiding unhealthy sugary drinks and chemical laden drinks and replacing them with fresh, healthy infusions of flavored water with your favorite fruits, herbs, veggies, teas, and spices. This is a gift that everyone in your family will love and educate in the benefits of water. - Easy to use and assemble infuser - Easy to clean - Dish washer Safe! Guaranteed that you will drink more water, get positive feedback from those around you and feel better about your hydration and health! Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy

Price: $10.99
  • WHY HEALTHFUL HYDRATION : Best Fruit Infusing INfuser Water Bottle made with durable BPA FREE Tritan plastic. LEAK PROOF: Our lid locks securely in places ensuring that no liquid will leak out, like some other infusers. The fruit infusing cylinder is the perfect size, it's not too small or too large, making it great for Adults and Kids.
  • EASY USE : Simply add your favorite fruits to the infuser such as: lemon, blueberry, cucumber, raspberry, watermelon, ginger, grapefruit, melon, strawberry, citrus or mint. One infusion fill will last multiple refills. Our lid is easily accessible and easy to open to one finger.
  • HYDRATION DONE PERFECTLY: Healthful Hydration fruit infusin water infusion bottle is perfect for sports fanatics. Whether you're hiking, climbing, cycling, or running, our bottle is always easily accessible and durable. What makes it so handy? Our bottle has a perfectly placed clip that makes it an athletes best friend.
  • TOP QUALITY with LOCK BACK TOP: Our infusing infuser water bottle bottle is top of the line for an affordable price. Our bottles are: BPA Free, Tritan, Heat/Freeze Resistant, Dishwasher Safe, Leak Proof, Easy Carry Handle, and Shatter Proof! ALSO with LOCK BACK TOP- top locks all the way flat so it doesn't bop you in the face while drinking!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are so sure you will love your water bottle, we have a no-hassle 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You also get a Limited Lifetime Warranty, that includes accidental damage. (See product insert for warranty details.) Best teacher, stocking stuffer or premium holiday gift idea - your friends and family will love it - guaranteed of course.
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