Eveline Cosmetics Nail Therapy Diamond Hard and Shiny Nails

Product Description
PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS AGAINST CELLULITE spiral - cellulite formation can be compared to the spiral. Fat cells not only store fats and deform from their excess, but they also multiply and penetrate other tissues. Innovative serum formula fights cellulite formation at every stage of the spiral and ensures complex 360 Degree firming action. PHYTOSONIC technology, works on fat cells like ultrasounds. It breaks them, stimulates microcirculation and definitely reduces fat tissue. Thanks to revolutionary technology MESOtherapy ANTI-AGE Complex carefully selected anti-cellulite ingredients non-invasively penetrate into deep skin layers INNOVATIVE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: PHYTOSONIC - complex inspired by the latest anti-cellulite technologies using ultrasounds. Stimulating natural processes which take place in fat cells, inhibits their growth and reduces cellulite. SALSOTHIN G. - innovative active ingredients, effectively accelerates fat tissue burning, thus visibly reducing its thickness and volume. bioHYALURON COMPLEX - intradermal hyaluronic acid penetrates into deep skin layers and locks water, which influences the improvement of skin tension, firmness and elasticity. CAFFEINE stimulates microcirculation, accelerates cell metabolism in the skin, at the same time increasing its firmness, density and elasticity. CENTELLA ASIATICA stimulates skin to produce collagen and elastin. Prevents firmness and resilience loss, improves microcirculation, thus activates fats metabolism and reduces cellulite. PLANT MILK CHUFA MILK EC delivers precious vitamins and minerals to the skin, thus intensely nourishes and revitalizes. EFFECTIVENESS CONFIRMED IN TESTS APPLICATION: twice a day, with circular movements, rub the product into abdomen, thighs and buttocks skin. Rub in until fully absorbed.

Price: $7.89
  • PERFECTLY SHAPED SLIM BODY! Results are just a click away! The Eveline Cosmetics Slim Extreme 4D Mesotherapy and Ultrasound Concentrated Cellulite Cream is an easy, fast, in home solution for hard to remove cellulite
  • Cellulite spiral
  • cellulite formation

Product Description
Eveline Cosmetics Diamond Hard and Shiny Nails Nail Strengthener with Diamonds Protection against brittle and split nails. Extreme strengthener protects weak nails against breaks and cracks. Formulated with titanium and diamonds to create an extremely hard coat that protects nails from all forms of damage. Strengthens and deeply moisturizes providing nails with better elasticity and a finished healthy look. Application: Apply one coat daily on nails. After three days remove applied coats and start reapplying coats again. Use regularly to help strengthen and harden nails.

Price: $5.99
  • Formulated with titanium and diamonds to create an extremely hard top coat
  • Protects nails from breaking and splitting
  • Deeply moisturizes nails for a healthier, finished appearance
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