DGC PRODUCTS i-Socket Intelligent Autoswitch with ports for Power Tool and Vacuum; PATENTED TECHNOLOGY delays Vacuum Turn-On/Off to Prevent Circuit Overload, Eliminating Circuit Breaker Tripping

Product Description
Particular wire harness plug crimping tool for Molex, Delphi, AMP/Tyco, Harley, PC/Computer, Automotive
For Weather Pack and Metri-Pack,please use IWS-1424B Crimper

The double hinged feature make sure the jaws stay parallel and clamp straight.
ONLY 4 mm thick's Jaw allows man crimp the insulated and non-insulated part of the wire to the terminal separately.
Comfortable rubber handle grips makes it's easy to use and easy to clean up.
Equivalent to Delphi/Packard 12085271 and/or SPX Kent Moore J-38125-7 crimping tools

Insulation Crimp
AWG 14-18 Ga. Use Crimp Slot A
AWG 20-24 Ga. Use Crimp Slot B

Stripped Wire Crimp
AWG 14-16 Ga. Use Crimp Slot C
AWG 18-20 Ga. Use Crimp Slot D
AWG 22-24 Ga. Use Crimp Slot D/E

Price: $19.99
  • Five cavities perform "B" type conductor and insulation crimps
  • Maximum range (conductor crimps) 22-12 AWG
  • Maximum range (insulation crimps) 24-14 AWG
  • Equivalent to Delphi/Packard 12085271 and/or SPX Kent Moore J-38125-7 crimping tools
  • For OEM, Molex, Delphi,AMP/Tyco, Harley, PC/Computer, Automotive, Weather Pack, Metri-Pack

Product Description
The i-Socket Auto switch will automatically turn on the shop vacuum or dust collector when the power tool is switched ON and continue running after the tool is powered off to clean out the inlet pipe.

Price: $32.15
  • HOW IT WORKS. Patented automatic vacuum switch uses an on-Board Micro-Controller to monitor and control current when two large motors try to power-up at the same time. Prevents circuit overload by automatically delays vacuum turn-off by 7 seconds.
  • EFFECTIVENESS. Runs the vacuum only when you are working so you save time and electricity. Reduces airborne toxin that can lead to many health problems. Reduces work area noise by running the vacuum only when you use your tool.
  • BEST FOR medium duty workloads in the home workshop and on the job site. It's actuation threshold of about 0.7 amps (85 watts at 120V) makes it perfectly suited for most Miter Saws, Table Saws, Power Sanders and Routers and extends the life of your vacuum.
  • ELECTRONICS. A software embedded micro-controller controls the in rush of current when the motor starts up to help eliminate overload of the circuit. Once the tool stops, it provides power to the vacuum for seven seconds to clean out the inlet pipe.
  • TECHNICAL SPECS. Case: Durable UL-rated 94V, ABS plastic; Outlet required: Standard 15 Amp, 120 VAC, 60 Hz outlet; Power rating: 15 Amp, 120 VAC, 60 Hz; Input connection: 3 prong (grounded) male; Tool outlet connections: 2 or 3 prong plugs
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