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Product Description
Audio Cable - Mini-phone 3.5 mm - Male - Mini-phone 3.5 mm - Male - 4 feet

Price: $0.40
  • Plugs into your car's AUX (auxiliary) connector for pure sound
  • Cable braiding for strength, durability and limited tangle
  • 4-ft long, 3.5mm audio cable

Product Description
Universal Smartphone holder exploits the hardened organic glass to prevent scratch and project navigation information onto the panel based on optical reflection theorem. When placed on the center console, drivers don't need to bow to see because it will not block sight. Thus drivers could pay more attention to the road conditions nearby. In the meanwhile, the design avoids the drivers observing the distant road conditions, which makes the navigation information more visualized and thereby improves the driving safety.

Product Specification:
Size: 6" (15cm x 9.5cm x 2.5cm)
Weight: 120g
Compatibility: HUD A1/A3/A8/X5/X6/Q7/E300/E350/S7 and all device that screen is less than 6 inches (All the above models of HUD can be found in my store)

Simple Installation Steps:
1.Choose a appropriate place on the car instrument panel, and stick the black non-slip mat on the place you want, then put the Universal Smartphone holder on the non-slip mat.
2.Tear off the protection film and protection paper card on the two side of organic glass board.
3. Stick the transparent reflection film on the inside of the organic glass board.
4.Take off the protection film on the surface, and put the phone on the surface of Universal Smartphone holder and adjusting the organic glass board to appropriate angle according to individual visual angle.(usually visual angle is 45)
5.Starting your car after opening the mobile navigation APP and setting the proper route (now most of the navigation systems contain a reflection mode).

Package Included:
1 x Head Up Display Holder
1 x Reflection film
1 x Non-slip mat
1 x Clean cloth
1 x User manual

Price: $26.66
  • Download HUD based APP, choose an appropriate place on the card dashboard to place and adjust to the suitable visual angle (usually 45°).App just recommended:Speedometer,Hudway Go,Hudway Widgets,Navmii GPS,Hudway,Sygic.
  • Works with mostly navigation APP on android Smartphone and iPhone IOS , head up display device,GPS navigation device(Screen Size Less Than 6 inch).
  • The Most Important Thing is your Life Safety! This Head up display shows your desired information that helps you focus on driving, keep your eyes on road without lowering your head. A perfect and thoughtful gift for family, friends, colleague and most important for yourself.
  • It can reflect image very clearly while keeping transparency at the same time. The reflected image is discernible in any visibility (day and night).
  • Provided with a non-slip mat, it will hold your phone well and prevent it from sliding on the dash. The mat is very wear-resisting, and has high adhesion.
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