Cable Management Sleeve – Computer Desk Wire Management – Adjustable 60 Inch Length Cord Organizer for TV, PC, Audio, Visual, Networking Electronics in Home or Office (White, 5 Foot)

Product Description
Electronic Equipment Cleaner, Aerosol 10 oz 6/cs

Price: $7.76
  • Antistatic Cleaner.
  • Removes fingerprints, dirt, grease and dust from electronic equipment.
  • Antistatic agent helps reduce dust build-up.
  • Oil- and wax-free formula will not leave streaks.
  • Sold by the ea

Product Description

Cable Mess No More!! Organize loose cables and streamline your home or office's cable management system with premium computer cable sleeves from YECAYE

The more technology we create, the more cords or cables we have to manage. That's why we have created a more reliable way to maintain cables for your computer, TV, stereo, video game consoles, and other electronics neatly organized, while conserving space and improving safety.

Designed to support all your most important wired devices, our slim cord concealer sleeves can help keep everything tucked away with practical convenience; perfect for every setting.

Neoprene is waterproof for long-term use, and its formulated products provide protection and prevent abrasions. We have devoted several months to selecting the very best material, through repeated testing and usage under all conditions. This cable sleeve will definitely be your very best choice!

Regarding our white color cable sleeve, many others produce them in black and white. We also made a cable sleeve sample like that, but the white accentuates the gray giving it a less professional look. This led us to separate white from black, and chose beige neoprene, as it tends to blend the cable sleeve with the background color of most walls, providing a neat classical appearance!!!

Product Details:

  • Universal Cable Sleeves
  • High-Quality Neoprene
  • Slim, Discrete and Adjustable
  • Heavy-Duty Strength
  • Washable
  • Dimensions: 60" x 4.5"
  • Color: White
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 12-month Warranty

Click 'Add to Cart' and get these premium cable organizer sleeves to keep your wires discreetly tucked away behind TVs, desks, and other important areas.

Price: $9.99
  • Premium Cable Management: Crafted with premium-grade neoprene, our flexible cable organizers safely secure and unify TV, video game and computer wires; all to reduce the mess below your feet or behind your device.
  • Unique White Color: Forget those black and white cable sleeves, or the multicolor sleeves. With a white fabric surface, and our beige neoprene inner lining, our organizer conceals any cable securely against the wall.
  • Stronger, Heavy-Duty Design: Each computer cord organizer is meticulously sewn and reinforced with strong adhesive and hook&loop to offer long-lasting stability and convenience
  • Slim, Customizable Format: 60" x 4.5" in size, our computer cable sleeves can be cut to fit your specific needs. Also, it is simple to create DIY exit holes for different spaced cables.
  • Home or Office Support: YECAYE heavy-duty cable wrap hider can manage a full entertainment center or organize a variety of office networks with space-saving efficiency.
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