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Bluetooth Headphones,capt1nk Wireless Headphones Stereo In-Ear Earpieces with 2 Wireless Built-in Mic Earphone and Charging Case for Most Smartphones-Black02




    July 25, 2018

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Amazing monitor cans at ANY price., October 9, 2015

    By Terry

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    This review is from: Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones (Accessory)

    You always hear “these sound like $200 headphones for half the price” when reading headphone reviews. I don’t know about the money, but these things sound amazing. They are true monitor headphones. These are not warm or fun or colored in any way. They have great response and will reveal harsh recordings. They do sound better than any headphone I have ever heard. The clamping on the head is comfortable and the pads for comfortably over the ears. The velour pads feel initially SLIGHTLY warm, but do not heat up like vinyl pads. They start at the same comfy temp for extended times. The suspension system allows for extended use comfort, also. I am really disappointed in all my other headphones I have paid much more for. I bought these over the almost identical Superlux. These come with velour pads and are slightly less. The Superlux has detachable cords but that was not needed by me. Go with these for your monitors and be pleased. Spend the money you save on better equipment elsewhere. You won’t do better than these – different but not better. They are plastic-y but these aren’t for fashion.


    July 26, 2018

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent Full and Flat Response, May 18, 2018

    By doxtorray (Glendale, AZ) –

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    This review is from: Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones (Accessory)

    Headphone tastes are very subjective. That said…
    Objectively, one measure is frequency response, and these have a pretty “flat” response from the 30 Hz to 10K Hz (they cover the lower and higher frequencies, but drop off a bit at the very extreme high and low ends–outside the range of instruments and voices). These will not boost the bass, and they don’t suffer from the 4 KHz- 8 KHz (treble) drop-off that I find most headphones have. So, if you want to hear pretty much everything without anything being lost or boosted, these should satisfy you.
    Subjectively, on audio grounds, I think these are the best-sounding headphones that I have either owned or listened to. In this, am even comparing them to $300 offerings from JBL, Sennheiser, Sony, Philips, Grado, AudioTechnica, AKG, and others. I have paid several times as much for other “great” headphones that I don’t think sound as good as these.
    The “soundstage” and “imaging” of these headphones are very good (perhaps not as good as some other headphones, but certainly not a flaw).
    However, I listen mostly to classical, jazz, vocals, and soundtracks (including movies and games). I can’t judge how these would be with bass-heavy Rap, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Grunge, etc. Since the bass is not boosted on these headphones, they might be disappointing in those genres.
    With classical, I am very picky. If a harpsichord sounds like a distorted piano, if a triangle cannot be heard over a cymbal, or if a violin being bowed sounds muddy, I cringe. These headphones never elicit a cringe from me (assuming good source material).
    Wearing these headphones for extended periods can lead to some ear discomfort. The ear pads are pretty good (velour), but they are round, so if you have big ears, they may get a bit pinched. Also, the clamping force is a bit tight out of the box (this can be resolved by flexing the sides apart a few times).


    July 26, 2018

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Budget headphones with Premium sound, January 11, 2015

    By Eshcole

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    This review is from: Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones (Accessory)

    Firstly, if you’re a visual person than please refer to the video here:
    If you want a bit more details than this “short and sweet” review than please refer to my written article:

    These SR850s are my 1st pair of studio monitor headphones and for the price I wasn’t really expecting much but as it turns out, I got more than what I paid for.

    All you get is the headphones with no carrying case, the gold adapter for the 1/4″ stereo jack that screws onto the 3.5mm tip that’s built into the cable, and the usual warranty documentation.

    These headphones are VERY comfortable for long editing and/or music sessions. I also wear glasses and I still found them comfortable to wear for over 2+hrs with no problem. The self-adjusting band is definitely not a gimmick. It works perfectly and I don’t have to readjust the headset afterwards as the ear cups never allowed my ears to touch the speakers. The cable is very long and you’ll have no problem being able to move around your work area with these plugged in. The rest of the headset screams “professional use” as it lacks the style of something you would take outside of your workplace.

    Lastly, the sound is amazing! I’m not an audiophile but I was truly surprised at how clear and detailed the audio is from these headphones. These are not for bass heads but the 50mm drivers makes sure the bass is present and tight. Listening to my music was an amazing experience, especially when listen to O-Fortuna mixes and music with lot of instruments going at once so the soundstage could really shine. I cranked my cheap DAC all the way up to almost 100% and there was no distortion in the audio at all. The low ohm impedance required to drive these headphones means they’ll work on most mobile devices as well if that’s something you wanna do.

    I have a pair of V-MODA Crossfade LPs and didn’t notice how overpowering the bass was on them till I used these as my primary headphones for a couple weeks daily. I got these for casual listening on my desktop and editing my YouTube videos. They couldn’t do the job any better even if the price was a little higher. For a mere $50 you get great sound and even better comfort.

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