Automatic Raising Type Pop up Power Socket Power Strip Outlet 3 US Plug and 2 USB Ports for Office/Kitchen/Conference Room Home Decoration

Product Description

The Lew Electric PUFP-SQ-SS-USB is an indoor floor box that provides duplex power and USB charging ports in a hidden and attractive pop up. When closed the pop up is hidden in your floor, all you see is a stylish stainless steel top. When you push the button the top tilts open revealing the power outlet. The outlet is 15 amps with tamper resistant plugs, and integrated 2 charging USB ports. The USB ports supply 3.6 amps of shared charging power. The USB ports are intelligent ports and will automatically adjust to the device being plugged in, this pop up will always supply the correct amount of power.

The outlet needs to be hardwired through the included back box and to the outlet. The back box only takes up 3 1/8″ of space under your floor allowing it to be installed almost anywhere. The hole that needs to be cut in your floor is 4 1/16″ x 4 1/16″, the top bezel is 4 3/4″ x 4 3/4″. It is important that the hole is large enough for the product to work properly.

Price: $100.07
  • DIMENSIONS - 4-7/8" L x 4-3/4" W x 3-1/2" H. Top of box is stainless steel and inside receptacle is grey.
  • INSTALLATION OPTIONS - Installs in Concrete or Wood Floors and Countertops. The back box only takes up 3 1/8″ of space under your floor. The hole that needs to be cut in your floor is 4 1/16″ x 4 1/16″, the top bezel is 4 3/4″ x 4 3/4″.
  • TAMPER RESISTANT - All PUFP Style Supplied With Tamper Resistant Receptacles.
  • USB CHARGING - Features Two USB Charging Ports And Two 15 amp Power Receptacles.
  • EASY TO USE - Pops Up When In Use, Hides In The Box When Not In Use.

Product Description
Product Detail:

Hight: 15 IN (38cm)
Diameter:4 IN (10cm)
Weight: 4 Pound(1.8KG)
Current: 10 A
Voltage: 125V ~ 250V
Power rating: 1000W
Power Cord length: 5.3 ft (160cm)

Install Detail:

1. Make sure there have 16'' space before you cut a hole for it.
2. Use 4 inch hold saw to cut a hold size about 4''.
3. Remove the ring from device and slide the body from top.
4. Slide the ring up from bottom and screw it tight.
5. Connect power cord with power source.

Use Direction:

When you need to use it, use your palm to push the surface, and pop up socket will raise up automatically.
When you don't need to use any electronics, you can just push it back.

Need Customization?

We can provide all kind of ports like HDMI, CAT6, VGA, USB and other country power standard. Free to contract us about it.

Please cautious on hole size, the item might larger than your expect.

Price: $89.00
  • The housing is made of aluminum alloy,the the interior of the socket is made of plastic, much more durable than normal type of power strip, also looks fancy.
  • Voltage: 125V ~ 250V ,current :10 A. It is the prefect idea for Office/Kitchen/Conference Room,but it cannot support high-power appliances,like air conditioning,microwave.
  • After using the socket ,please close it , the top of the socket can waterproof splash, but the inside of our socket is nonwaterproof, Please protect outlet from water spray.Prefect Idea helping you keep your counter tidy and clean, provide you an efficient workspace.Attention :Please make the cables on the bottom straight before using.
  • Note !!! Please cut a 4'' hole, and remove the ring and slide the body from top, screw the ring tight from bottom. And the hidden length is 14'' , and the pop up length is 8.7''.
  • Have an idea install it somewhere else, just do it. The item can be install both vertical and horizontal.-------Please contract us if you need customization, we can provide all kind of ports as you like.(Please cautious on its size, the item might larger than your expect.)
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