Ancor Marine Grade Primary Wire and Battery Cable (Red, 100 Feet, 12 AWG)

Product Description

--Shrinkage ratio 3:1

--Wire gauge fitment sizes printed on each connector.

--Minimum shrink temperature: 176°F / 80°C

--Quality standards: ROHS, SGS and CE.

--Minimum shrink temperature: 176°F / 80°C

--Full recovery temperature: 266°F / 130°C

--Operating temperature: from -67°F to 257°F or -55°C to 125°C

Connector type Red22-16 Blue16-14 Yellow12-10 Total QTY
Butt Connectors 20 PCS 15 PCS 10 PCS 45 PCS
Rings #10 20 PCS 15 PCS 10 PCS 45 PCS
Rings 1/4" 20 PCS 10 PCS 10 PCS 40 PCS
Rings 5/16" 15 PCS 10 PCS 10 PCS 35 PCS
Rings 3/8" 10 PCS 10 PCS 10 PCS 30 PCS
Male Quick Disc. 10 PCS 10 PCS 10 PCS 30 PCS
Female Quick Disc. 10 PCS 10 PCS 10 PCS 30 PCS
Fork Term. #10 20 PCS 15 PCS 10 PCS 45 PCS

Total Quantity: 300 PCS

  • Heat shrink wire connectors: Complete the job or project with the right connector butts, forks, hooks, quick disconnects, and rings for automotive, marine, stereo, or any other electric oriented project. Compatible with AC and DC current.
  • Durability: Each terminal in our kit features a strong copper barrel to hold the wire tight when crimped. Translucent heat shrink tubing provides high tensile strength as well as resistance to stretch and mechanical damage
  • Excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance: Copper barrel provides increased current flow, and ensures less voltage drop, preventing wiring failures and reducing equipment downtime.
  • EASY IDENTIFICATION - Different Color coded tubing with wire gauge imprint provides easy identification. Measure your wire, and easily choose the right connector by looking at wire gauge imprint on polyolefin tubing
  • What you get: 300pcs Heat Shrink Wire Connector. 6 months guarantee and friendly 24h customer service.

Product Description
The ANCOR MARINCO ELECTRICAL GROUP primary wire is the perfect wiring accessory that you need to always keep in your ever growing boating tool kit.

Price: $26.99
  • 106810 is primary Wire
  • Length 100'
  • Color is Red
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