【Letitfly】 Calculator, Slim Elegant Design, Office/home electronics, Dual Powered Desktop Calculator, Solar power, 10 Digits, Tilted LCD Display, Inclined Design, White (Slim2)

Product Description
NAKAJIMA AE710 ENGLISH - ELECTRONIC TYPEWRITER. NAKAJIMA AE710 ENGLISH - ELECTRONIC TYPEWRITER - ~15" carriage - ~11.5" print width - ~Up to 20 cps - ~Optional spell check (SC710) - ~10, 12, 15, PS pitch selections - ~700/10 correction memory - ~Word and character erase - ~Prestige Pica 10 included - ~

Price: $338.93
  • Printing Method: 100 character drop-in printwheel
  • Function Keys: 21
  • Print Speed: 20 CPS
  • Key Stroke Buffer: 30 Strokes
  • Printing Width: 11.5"

Product Description

Great For The Office: The large tilted display makes the number crunching so much easier. And of course the elegant design will add pizazz to your workspace.
Perfect For Home Use: The elegant degsign will add a little excitement to the way you pay those bills. The easy to read large LCD screen and dual power makes it that much more efficient.
Extra Large LCD Display With Dual Power: The extra large LCD display allows you to see the digits from anywhere on your desk.The dual power helps make sure that the calculator will function even in a dim place.

Size: 7.5*4.5*0.4in
Weight: 150g(5.3oz)
Color: White
Material: ABS plastic

Functional keys instruction
ON/AC key: turn on/clear
MR/MC key: Memory recall or clear
M+/M- key: Memory plus or minus
OFF key:turn off

Price: $13.89
  • Performs common math as well as various financial functions; Perfect for office/home use.
  • Slim Elegant Design; Beautifull ABS material durable plastic buttons.
  • Dual Powered Desktop Calculator, Solar power + back-up battery.
  • Large Display; 10 Digits; Eye-angled; Upright LCD display.
  • Size:7.5*4.5*0.4in; Weight:150g(5.3oz).
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